The Blue-Dyed Orchids

Growing orchids, among so many other things, was one my favorite outdoor pastimes. I do not have a green thumb like my mother does but I took my chances with Ordhids because I like the said flowers very much. And with diligence and perseverance, my orchids endured, managed to grow and blossomed into beautiful and colorful blooms.

I did not do gardening in general because I am not good with it. Simply planting orchids was the only gardening activity I used to do. I liked it because I got to sweat (with watering 😂), I got to be productive (when the orchids bloom) and I  got to be close to nature too (stepping on the garden).

I once had a “suki”, an elder woman who used to deliver orchids to my house that were ready to be planted. She used to visit me monthly with her orchids deliveries of different kinds, sizes and colors.  Plus, she used to bring me trunks of trees (20PHP each) that I can use in planting the orchids. Not only that, she used to offer me her free service too by helping me tie or plant the orchids up the trunks. She was sweet!

The “banda” orchid or the most common one, the white ones that are planted on pots cost php100 per pot while the rest cost php250.00 per stem. I do not know how much they cost right now and where could I find that “suki” again. I love Orchids big time aside from Lilies! They are beautiful, exquisite, luxurious and useful ornaments for big events and special occasions.

At present, in Kuwait, I saw this breathtaking orchids with royal blue tint and a little bit of purple. I was amazed because it was the very first time that I saw an orchid with that combination of colors. Never in the world had I seen one before, only in Kuwait, just on that day.

Those blue orchids came in a big crown flower arrangement and was used as decoration to welcome visitors who came to see and visit the newborn baby boy, my female boss’ nephew. We were visitors. I really was too thrilled to see a new kind of orchids that I sneaked and picked one stem, took a picture of it and studied it. How come I did not see nor encountered something like that in the Philippines?

Curioused, I did my search.  And I found out it was simply dyed to match the occasion with blue or royal blue from the original “white and purple” or the “violet or full lilac” orchids. That’s why I didn’t see something like that in the Philippines. 😃

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  1. Rosemarie says:

    Ganda ng blue orchid sis

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