I Am “In” The Game of The Game of Thrones

I have been hoping to watch this HBO series since it came out on 2011 but I couldn’t catch it on the HBO channel in the Philippines. I was always out and about and too busy with…you know…things. Well, anyway, I got in the game finally! After months, well actually 2 years of scavenging online to find a website where I could watch it for free, some friends finally thought of referring to me sites to check out and wow, the sites worked here in Kuwait!

It’s been a week now that I am enjoying the free viewing of Game of Thrones. I got hooked to the drama and the story, entirely!

Game of Thrones is an American fantasy drama adaptation of a fantasy novel series,  A Song of Ice and Fire written by George R.R. Martin. This television series premiered on HBO in 2011. Its seventh season ended just last August 27, 2017. Everyone is now looking forward for the final season that is said to come out in 2019. Watch it here for free!

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How To Start Or Create A Blog

The question actually asked to me was, “How do you make money with your blog?”. My simple, one-word answer, “invest”.

What? Do you think money will just show up the moment you create a blog or a website? You need to invest (1)money, (2)time and (3)effort to reap sweet fruits of blogging. It takes money to earn money, darling. It is as simple as that.

Now, how do you create and start your own blog? Are you blogging to earn money or simply as a hobby?

Blogging as a Hobby

If you think of blogging only to kill time or you just love writing so much and never plan on dealing with clients, advertisers, number of words and deadlines then you are taking “blogging” only as a hobby.

You can create your blog for free with the following blogging platforms:


I highly suggest this blogging platform because it is part of Google. This is the easiest platform for blogging; no complicated navigations, codes and etc. Just perfect for beginners! Blogger blogs uses “blogspot.com” as a default domain. So for example you want “myonlinejournal” as your blog URL(Uniform Resource Locator) or your world wide web address, it will look like “myonlinejournal.blogspot.com” on the linkbar. You can later upgrade your blog if you want to and apply your own domain name.

Check out my blogs that were made in Blogger: Chuchie’s Hideaway, Scrap Collection and WhereAbouts.


WordPress is another known blogging platform that allows you to create blogs for free. As what its slogan says, free blog forever. Indeed, you won’t pay a cent forever as long as you stay using its default “wordpress.com” domain but it offers options where you can upgrade your blog and buy your own domain name or URL. For example, this blog’s domain name or URL is “rechiesmosa.com”

3. Tumblr

For microblogging and socializing, tumblr is the best place on the web for that. I find Tumbr a fun place, relaxed and easy platform to blog and at the same time, socialize. Mostly used by teens or youngsters, Tumblr is a host to express themselves in a form of a microblog and connect with other Tumblr bloggers of the same interests.

Okay, that is all for today! There are a few more platforms where you can blog but I leave you with these famous three. Create your own blog now, give in to your passion and start expressing yourself!

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Totally Smitten With CarGel!

I couldn’t help it, I am totally smitten by this Pinoy loveteam! I am not easily wowed by a Pinoy celebrity tandem because most of them are awkward and overacting except for my few handpicks. My previous favorite Pinoy loveteams were Judy Ann Santos and Wowie De Guzman, Angelu De Leon and Bobby Andrews and Denise Laurel and Rafael Rossel.  Call me weird or old-fashion but those loveteams made my heart beat fast back in my youth.

Well, recently, I am head over heels giggling and cheering for Carlo Aquino and Angelica Panganiban. I don’t feel any awkwardness and OAness in them..or I am just blinded by their chemistry. I just LOVE them!

Carlo Aquino and Angelica Panganiban or  widely known as their popular hashtag, #CarGel, were starred in a movie together just recently entitled Exes Baggage.  The said movie is a theatrical debut of Black Sheep Productions under Star Cinema, directed by Dan Villegas and released on September 26, 2018. The movie is still showing in cinemas nationwide and currently bagged about a whooping P142M. It is quite a success for a debut, so congratulations Black Sheep Productions for the very good timing and for a perfect choice of loveteam!

Photo not mine

We are aware how great these child stars were back in the days. After so many years, they have finally reunited in a movie, which they dubbed as “after the long wait”. I have a feeling that Exes Baggage is going to be a good start for their tandem and will open more opportunities for them to star in movies and shows together.

So as early as now, hopefully, no scandal will surface as threat to break their loveteam, I am expecting more movies of them, TV shows and much more together! The #CarGel tandem gave a different kind of thrill to their fans, both old and new. I was not prepared for this hoity-toity I am feeling for them. They thrilled me honestly to a level I couldn’t fathom. They have unquestionable chemistry both on and offcam. They are just too adorable together and they definitely look perfect for each other. And I as a fan, can only hope for them to bring their special friendship to the next level and get back together as a couple for real.

Below is a gallery of #CarGel during the ABS-CBN Ball 2018 held at Makati Shangri-la where the lovely pair won Oppo Couple Of The Night. Enjoy the eye candies!

Photos not mine

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My Response to Yuri’s “Marry a Filipina With These Qualities”

So this is going to be the first “chiesmis” (gossip) that I’d be talking or sharing here.  I wanted to shut my mouth on this issue since I’ve already stated my piece on my Facebook account and well, I’ve decided to just forgive her and move on. Afterall, she is just a human being, isn’t perfect. BUT… after watching her supposedly public apology, it only rubbed salt into my wound. If you’ve seen her video downgrading and judging Filipino women, her own race, her fellow countrymen, I am sure you are as devastated as I am.

Marry A Filipina With These Qualities is a video created by #YuriBruce, posted on a Facebook page by Filipino4u.com. The sole intention of the video is to educate foreign men with regard to marrying Filipina women but the end result, it only infuriated a crowd of netizens due to her very offending, downgrading, judgmental and racist remarks. As of today, her video is still receiving outrageous comments from, of course, the outraged netizens.

I embedded here a video from YouTube for you to check out.

In the video, she pointed out two or three Filipina who were, according to her, trying to flirt with those foreigners sitting outside Bo’s and described them as (having) “trashy, squatter-like behavior” and that those are the qualities of a Filipina that a foreign guy should not marry. Later, she added another  sharp remarks: “uneducated” and “not everyone is smart”.

I agree when she said a Filipina “should know how to speak English” to be able to communicate with a foreign guy but she irritated me when she added “fluently” and that a Filipina should have a “good family background”.  Seriously, Yuri?

Ms. Yuri might be an educated person but she lacked the manners and decency of posting or sharing an information on the World Wide Web or she might have forgotten the ethics. Allow me to point out some things:

  • Pointing people out as examples is wrong if you do not personally know them and if you do not have their permission to do so. In creating a vlog or an informational videos such as her video,  she should have asked her friends to portray an act or do a role play of a situation and not just randomly pick people out from the crowd.
  • The title of her video is “Marry A Filipina With These Qualities”. It sounded very positive but she kept repeating the negative qualities:  trashy, squatter-like and uneducated as if she hated these kinds of people so badly. She sounded like “may pinagdadaanan/pinaghuhugotan” or had a bad experience in the past with the kinds of people whom she referred to as “trashy”.  She should have left the negative sides and focused on the good qualities of the Filipina women because her video was all about the good qualities of a Filipina anyway.
  • She indirectly expressed in her video that there are certain criterias to be met in marrying a person, particularly a foreign guy. I beg to disagree. I am married to an American and I swear to God I love him with all my heart and he loves me as much not because I speak and write fluent English. He loves me even though I am a college drop-out for three freaking times. And he loves me even though my family is imperfect. We just simply love each other. We don’t need to pass an application form and a resume to marry a person. We marry simply because we love. Now this made me wonder, did her husband married her because she is educated, even if her English is not really that great? So she has a good family background that’s why he married her?

Here are few comments on her video I found worth sharing:

My FB friends in action 😁

I like the comments from the foreign men here. You see, this is what Yuri missed out. LOVE knows no boundaries, qualities and definitely love has no criterias. When you love, you just love regardless of the race or ethnicity of the person.

Finishing college, having 2 or 3 diplomas or having a decent, high-paying job does not make us Educated. Living in a grand mansion, surrounded with abundance does not make us Educated either. Being Educated is being able to get along with different types of people, being one with them, feeling them through your heart whether they are good people or bad, being able to easily adopt in whichever environment life would take you, being loved by everyone for your good heart, being able to stand out and get noticed by everyone without having to step on other people’s shoes and without having to hurt others. It means being Educated is having the heart for other people, for everyone. You need no teacher, just yourself for it is the kind of education that is embedded deep in the heart and in the soul.

So since I have a heart, I listened to her public apology. I felt her anguish over the outburst of the netizens’ reponses to her video both from the males and females.

Sorry Yuri but you cannot really blame us. It was really hard not to hate you in your video with your arrogance and your thick “kilay”. 

Even though she didnt really sound apologetic in her  “apology in Tagalog” 😁, rather justifying herself and her actions, I  guess let us just forgive her and getover everything. At least she acknowledged her mistake, thu still in a quite arrogant manner….but well, at least she did.

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Introduction: The Blog and The Blogger

First and foremost, let us learn first what is a blog? Here is Wiki’s definition:

A blog is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries. Posts are typically displayed in reverse chronological order, so that the most recent post appears first, at the top of the web page.

Why “Rechiesmosa”?

It took me a month of brainstorming before I finally decided with RECHIEsmosa. My first two picks were Rechie’s Lair and Chiesmosa. Apostrophe is not very appealing for me.  I wanted my blog name to be simple, one word, different but with a personal touch so there popped RECHIEsmosa. It is like a short term for Rechie, the chismosa or Rechie, the gossip girl. This blog’s niche would be general. I will write anything under the sun.

And the person who writes information, authors or manages a blog is called a “Blogger”

Now, time to get to know the Blogger or the Author of this Blog. Ta dah!


My name is Rechie Ruth Javier Lopez – Wilks aka R.R. Lopez or was known as Chie Wilks or Rechie L. back in 2008 to 2013. Blogging or writing journals about anything that comes to mind or captures my interest has always been a thing I love to do. It is my first love! Back home, my little office was my favorite place to be at most time of the day. I would be blogging, if not reading or watching Korean dramas until dawn. Of course, along with writing being my favorite thing is reading because you won’t be able to write if you don’t read.

My enjoyment with writing started in high school. It was writing poems at first; slowly putting and rhyming words together until I started writing short stories too. My little sisters were then my huge fans. I became one of the literary writers in our school newspaper and had one of my poems published. For me,   it was already a big accomplishment. For the first time, I felt the so-called “Glory of the Byline”. It continued until college, although instead of being a literally writer, I accepted a more challenging task being a news and feature writer.

How I came to know blogging?

I learned about Yahoo360 in 2005 when I worked as a computer attendant in an Internet café in Makati. I was 16 or 17 then, a runaway kid. If you still remember, Yahoo360 was like a blogging platform where you can post your daily journal, or anything like your own, personal videos and photos.  It was like an online diary.

Then came 2007, at the peak of Friendster’s popularity, I joined a group of Filipina who were engaged or married to a foreigner. I was already engaged then with my American fiance’, now my husband. I came to meet a very good friend, Demcy Diaz, and introduced me into Google’s “Blogger” and on how I can make money through it. Chuchie’s Hideaway was the first blog I made in Google. It was as well the first blog that made me earn through Google Ads. It took me a year though before I cashed out Php10,000.00. Google sent it througn Western Union. The clerk at our local WU outlet was like, are you sure the sender is “Google”? And she confirmed it herself.

2008 to 2013 was my fruitful blogging years. I managed and authored 12 blogs in Google and 3 self-hosted blogs WordPress.org. I earned not only through ads displayed on each of my blogs but also from direct advertisers. I miss those days of blogging glory but I am not really blogging just for the money. I blog also to satisfy my passion.

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Rechiesmosa.com, Finally!

Finally, this blog is up and running! I can’t be any happier because of course, I am finally back with my first love – blogging slash writing!

So, this is my new challenge. I hope I can update this blog everyday with nice and readworthy writeups. Please check back later for updates!

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