Little Halloween Celebration 2018

Since I got married to an American in 2008, I started celebrating Halloween too.

Halloween or All Hallows Eve or the Eve of all Saints is a western religious practice that is now slowly adopted in the Philippines. It is used to be observed mostly in western countries such as the United States of America every 31st of October by going to or hosting costume parties, scaring or tricking people and by doing trick or treats (for kids). I used to enjoy giving sweet treats to kids doing trick or treat at our house in the Philippines before wearing their colorful and artistic Halloween costumes.

In celebration, I do a little guising myself too. I do not do it grand nor too dramatic. I came up with my own disguise, simple but enough to scare my husband’s army ass. Lol!  I am not really used to such practice but I do it to embrace or welcome a culture that my husband grew up with.

Quite used to me dressing up every Halloween, my husband asked if what I was going to be this year. I was “Sadako” last year, a Japanese ghost. This year, I am a vampire that sucks life off my prey. I disguise in occasions to be able to tempt my victims. Sometimes, I am a hot seductress, a holy nun and a sweet girl-next-door. I called myself a “Life Sucker”. A beauty app is a big help to spookify my already spooky face.

My younger sister, who looks very similar to me followed suit. She also did some face tweaking and came up as a lovely Spider Woman and a Highschool girl ghost. She is just so cute!

So yes, even when I am far away from home or even when I am in a country that do not celebrate Halloween, I still managed to scare my husband’s sexy butt. But all these Halloween face-app cannot beat my own state-of-the-art Halloween make-up in the Philippines and my scary mask. 😂 

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