Goodbye, My Chizball

February 02, 2020

I woke up from oversleeping to a number of missed calls on Messenger from my mother. I called back a few times, no answer. I just didn’t mind. Probably she was just trying to check whether we, my sister Cheep and I, would go back home to Manukan that day, which we didn’t originally planned. We were at the apartment in Dipolog City and planned to stay a couple of nights because we have a cake to bake. So I went on with my morning routine: brushing teeth, washing the face, having coffee and checking my FB feed.

My youngest sister, Cheep, already knew what happened back home. She was already informed about what happened to my dog. She received the full detail from our sister in law. She chose not to tell me in fear of me getting hysterical. She knows my temper. So she tried hiding the message but she wasn’t able to hold herself back for long. She knew I deserved to know. So with all modesty, slowly, she told me about what happened but keeping her phone away from my sight, which only made me suspect something.

I snatched her phone from her. She tried to get it back but done, I read the message, in details. “I didn’t want you to read it because I know you will just get hurt”, she muttered. I wasn’t able to hold my tears. I cried from both shock and disbelief. It was a JOKE! My dog, Chizka, was run over by a car. She was hit on the head. Her head was cracked, brains and eyes thrown out; defaced. My poor baby!

Yes, it was truly hard for me. I am her mother! Chizka is like my real baby. I got her when was only 4 months old and raised her like a real human child. She turned 12 last December 31, 2019. We celebrate her birthday everday year with cupcakes and canine treats. She is loved, pampered and spoiled as a member of our family. Then in just a snap, oh so brutally, a heartless driver took her life!

A neighbor witnessed what happened. It happened around 5 in the morning just outside our home in Manukan. My dog was laying down on the left side of the road when a car rushed down on the right lane (or right side of the road). With nothing in mind that such accident would happen, the witness continued her way to the church only to be shocked from a loud thumping sound moments later, followed by a fainting voice of my dying dog. My dog was on the left side but why was she being run over by a running car from the right?Intentional accident. The driver intentionally killed my dog!

The driver of the car who is also our neighbor didn’t bother stopping. He continued down the road to the church in town as if nothing happened. A churchgoer with a demon’s heart, didn’t even ask forgiveness from us for what he did. He is known in the neighborhood as a dog killer. There were a few incidents in the past when he intentionally run over dogs on the road. My Chizka wasn’t the first. No one reported him because they fear him as they are well-off. I just hope one day he would face his match and make him pay for his satanic treatment to dogs. May his conscience haunt him for life.

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