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Goodbye, My Chizball

February 02, 2020 I woke up from oversleeping to a number of missed calls on Messenger from my mother. I called back a few times, no answer. I just didn’t mind. Probably she was just trying to check whether we, … Continue reading

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Exploring The New PayPerPost

I just came back to BLOGGING and everything seemed new to me. I visited the previous online marketplaces where blogging can earn by completing writing tasks and one that I came across into was PAYPERPOST. I remember as a blogger, … Continue reading

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Goodbye Now, SmartBro

Finally, I said goodbye to Smart Broadband. Smart had been serving my online life for 12 years. It had been my Blogging partner and it served me reasonably well. I had the Plan 999, rounding off, 1000 pesos per month. … Continue reading

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Hey Blogger, WRITE!

The blogger in this corner of the world wide web is either sulking in one corner eating cupcakes or slouching on the couch watching random TV shows while scrolling up and down her Facebook news feed. She is procrastinating in … Continue reading

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Random Things About the Author – Part 1

Favorite smell? – I got three favorites:  (1) The natural masculine scent of my husband’s armpit. (2) The Philippines’ morning dew. You can smell it during 4 or 5 in the morning. Go out and smell the world! (3) Blue … Continue reading

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What’s Up, Gossip Girl?

I have a writer’s block for the entire two weeks. Writer’s block is when a writer’s mind is totally blocked from ideas to write, even the simplest ones, no matter how much he or she brainstorms. That is what I … Continue reading

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Little Halloween Celebration 2018

Since I got married to an American in 2008, I started celebrating Halloween too. Halloween or All Hallows Eve or the Eve of all Saints is a western religious practice that is now slowly adopted in the Philippines. It is … Continue reading

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Red Wedding Dresses Ideas

I read my palms and it says I am going to get married again. Well, I hope it will be to the same man I married 10 years ago.  Actually, my husband and I planned on getting married again. The … Continue reading

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The Blue-Dyed Orchids

Growing orchids, among so many other things, was one my favorite outdoor pastimes. I do not have a green thumb like my mother does but I took my chances with Ordhids because I like the said flowers very much. And … Continue reading

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Notable Characters of the Game of Thrones

Seven Kingdoms, One King. What does it take to win, to preserve, and to take back the throne? The Game of Thrones is packed with awesome actors and actresses portraying the roles of the different characters in this action, suspense … Continue reading

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