Goodbye, My Chizball

February 02, 2020

I woke up from oversleeping to a number of missed calls on Messenger from my mother. I called back a few times, no answer. I just didn’t mind. Probably she was just trying to check whether we, my sister Cheep and I, would go back home to Manukan that day, which we didn’t originally planned. We were at the apartment in Dipolog City and planned to stay a couple of nights because we have a cake to bake. So I went on with my morning routine: brushing teeth, washing the face, having coffee and checking my FB feed.

My youngest sister, Cheep, already knew what happened back home. She was already informed about what happened to my dog. She received the full detail from our sister in law. She chose not to tell me in fear of me getting hysterical. She knows my temper. So she tried hiding the message but she wasn’t able to hold herself back for long. She knew I deserved to know. So with all modesty, slowly, she told me about what happened but keeping her phone away from my sight, which only made me suspect something.

I snatched her phone from her. She tried to get it back but done, I read the message, in details. “I didn’t want you to read it because I know you will just get hurt”, she muttered. I wasn’t able to hold my tears. I cried from both shock and disbelief. It was a JOKE! My dog, Chizka, was run over by a car. She was hit on the head. Her head was cracked, brains and eyes thrown out; defaced. My poor baby!

Yes, it was truly hard for me. I am her mother! Chizka is like my real baby. I got her when was only 4 months old and raised her like a real human child. She turned 12 last December 31, 2019. We celebrate her birthday everday year with cupcakes and canine treats. She is loved, pampered and spoiled as a member of our family. Then in just a snap, oh so brutally, a heartless driver took her life!

A neighbor witnessed what happened. It happened around 5 in the morning just outside our home in Manukan. My dog was laying down on the left side of the road when a car rushed down on the right lane (or right side of the road). With nothing in mind that such accident would happen, the witness continued her way to the church only to be shocked from a loud thumping sound moments later, followed by a fainting voice of my dying dog. My dog was on the left side but why was she being run over by a running car from the right?Intentional accident. The driver intentionally killed my dog!

The driver of the car who is also our neighbor didn’t bother stopping. He continued down the road to the church in town as if nothing happened. A churchgoer with a demon’s heart, didn’t even ask forgiveness from us for what he did. He is known in the neighborhood as a dog killer. There were a few incidents in the past when he intentionally run over dogs on the road. My Chizka wasn’t the first. No one reported him because they fear him as they are well-off. I just hope one day he would face his match and make him pay for his satanic treatment to dogs. May his conscience haunt him for life.

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Exploring The New PayPerPost

I just came back to BLOGGING and everything seemed new to me. I visited the previous online marketplaces where blogging can earn by completing writing tasks and one that I came across into was PAYPERPOST.

I remember as a blogger, this site was one of my most favorite sites because it used to generously offers writing tasks but as I checked recently, it had change. It is now owned by Izea. For a new or a returning blogger like I am, I don’t get direct offers as of yet but the said site offers numerous task for both BLOG posts and SOCIAL Media posts like Instagram to bid. Half of the things are new to me but I know I will learn everything eventually. I placed a bid on one task and fingers crossed, I hope to receive negotiations here soon.

Are you on PayPerPost too? If not, you mind want to work the number of advertisers in the site. Join now!

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Goodbye Now, SmartBro

Finally, I said goodbye to Smart Broadband. Smart had been serving my online life for 12 years. It had been my Blogging partner and it served me reasonably well. I had the Plan 999, rounding off, 1000 pesos per month. It was a Canopy type wherein a cable must be connected to the PC in order to run and manage its connectivity. Connection is shareable traditionally with the use of a router. I had the Buffalo.

It is funny when I recalled how this canopy had traveled to many places. I had this installed originally in our house in Manukan. Then when I studied college, I relocated it to my boarding house in Dipolog for a reason I needed the Internet connection for researching purposes. I was spoiled. I was the only student at that time that has my own exclusive Internet in my boarding room for my Toshiba laptop. Yes, I had my nose up in the air. My bad!

A year after, I had a conflict with the owner so I moved out and rented a one-bedroom apartment. Another year after, I got married and moved to a townhouse in Orchid Villas. Two years after, my husband left for work and never heard from him. Living alone, depressed and paranoid, I decided to live in a smaller place. Finally, a college drop-out and a failed wife, I returned home, taking the SmartBro canopy with me, of course.

Fast forward, I went to work abroad (Kuwait) and came home after 4 years. The canopy had long been taken down as it no longer worked. I as well saw no record of my online Smart account. Probably, I got disconnected or totally terminated. I was informed that SmartBro Canopy is now the new HOME Bro Wireless under PLDT, still a Smart product. I could have it reconnected but three days ago, I finally put it to rest. It is time for a change!

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Hey Blogger, WRITE!

The blogger in this corner of the world wide web is either sulking in one corner eating cupcakes or slouching on the couch watching random TV shows while scrolling up and down her Facebook news feed. She is procrastinating in terms of writing a blog update despite the numbers of ideas or topics to write in her head. She is not lazy. She is just badly in need of an INSPIRATION!

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Random Things About the Author – Part 1

  1. Favorite smell? – I got three favorites:  (1) The natural masculine scent of my husband’s armpit. (2) The Philippines’ morning dew. You can smell it during 4 or 5 in the morning. Go out and smell the world! (3) Blue scent by DnG.
  2. Last time I cried? – Last night, as always before sleeping. I was reminded of my father. I miss him everyday. 
  3. Favorite Pizza? – In the Philipines, it’s Greenwich’s Ultimate Hawaiian. In Kuwait, I like Al Forno’s express pizzas and mushroom pizza in Piccola Milano.
  4. Favorite flower? – Lilies and Orchids
  5. Favorite dog breed? – Pomeranian, Shih tzu and Labrador
  6. Untie your shoes when taking them off? – Yes.
  7. Roller coaster? – Please, no!
  8. Favorite ice cream? – Vanilla, Cookies and cream
  9. Favorite pastime? – Korean dramas, Historical series and movies, writing or blogging and online socializing. 
  10. Shorts or jeans? – Both

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What’s Up, Gossip Girl?

I have a writer’s block for the entire two weeks. Writer’s block is when a writer’s mind is totally blocked from ideas to write, even the simplest ones, no matter how much he or she brainstorms. That is what I have been suffering. I lost the drive to start a topic so I set aside blogging, procrastinated, then little did I know, days, no, two weeks and 3 days to be exact have already passed. It happens from time to time in a writer’s life, and take note, I am only a trying-hard writer 😁 so I suffered the double effects of this matter. 

Not having the drive to write in the past few days didn’t mean my life was dull. It was the other way around, actually. My thanksgiving month started with so much vigor and abundance, except for the enthusiasm in writing. My health is good and my body is light. I was expecting colds and coughs and a total fever on the first week of winter like two years ago when I suffered fever for two months but I only got cough and colds for a couple of days this year, which is amazing! My body pretty much adapted the ironic change of climate in this environment already. Apart from good health,  I’ve got blessings to count and to be grateful for to our Most Gracious One.

I received a lot of material blessings early this month but what I am most thankful for is the blessing of good health, good heart and good mind for my entire family. Thank you, Lord for always keeping my family safe and healthy, most especially my mom who, even though have grown a lot of white hair now, still looks beautiful. Knowing all these puts my heart at peace.

This isn’t my first time to be away from my family but this is the first to time to be away from them outside the country this long (3 years).  So I am always thankful to them for making me feel like I am just next door or next town with their daily news and updates. I am thankful that I still have a vivid memory of my late father because it is what I want, to keep him always alive in my heart. I am thankful to my second dad for standing like a real father to me and my siblings and for loving and taking care of my mom. I am, of course, very thankful to the new additions in our family; the three little angels that bring more joy and well, noise to our already happy and noisy home. Thank you, Lord, for these precious blessings.

Being an Overseas Filipino Worker now, I finally feel the heart of  someone working  outside the country away from the family…and for my case as a domestic helper,  enslaved and degraded. I finally feel the emptiness, the longingness and the weakness for not having a family aro9und but on the other hand, I learned a lot of good things, which are beneficial to my self-worth and self-growth. 

As an OFW, I learned to be stronger.  I came to know and practice the word “patience”. I learned how to be assertive or that thing called “asking”. If you do not know anything, ask. If you need anything, ask. I also learned to be obedient and respectful. I am not a boss here anymore, I have got bosses! And last but DEFINITELY the MOST IMPORTANT thing, I learned to put my self to my “place” and be humble. It is not that I am not a humble person, there are just times when I tend to forget where I am. I always keep reminding myself that I am only a lowly housemaid in this country, that in this country I do not have a helper…..I am the heper and I should act like it!

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Little Halloween Celebration 2018

Since I got married to an American in 2008, I started celebrating Halloween too.

Halloween or All Hallows Eve or the Eve of all Saints is a western religious practice that is now slowly adopted in the Philippines. It is used to be observed mostly in western countries such as the United States of America every 31st of October by going to or hosting costume parties, scaring or tricking people and by doing trick or treats (for kids). I used to enjoy giving sweet treats to kids doing trick or treat at our house in the Philippines before wearing their colorful and artistic Halloween costumes.

In celebration, I do a little guising myself too. I do not do it grand nor too dramatic. I came up with my own disguise, simple but enough to scare my husband’s army ass. Lol!  I am not really used to such practice but I do it to embrace or welcome a culture that my husband grew up with.

Quite used to me dressing up every Halloween, my husband asked if what I was going to be this year. I was “Sadako” last year, a Japanese ghost. This year, I am a vampire that sucks life off my prey. I disguise in occasions to be able to tempt my victims. Sometimes, I am a hot seductress, a holy nun and a sweet girl-next-door. I called myself a “Life Sucker”. A beauty app is a big help to spookify my already spooky face.

My younger sister, who looks very similar to me followed suit. She also did some face tweaking and came up as a lovely Spider Woman and a Highschool girl ghost. She is just so cute!

So yes, even when I am far away from home or even when I am in a country that do not celebrate Halloween, I still managed to scare my husband’s sexy butt. But all these Halloween face-app cannot beat my own state-of-the-art Halloween make-up in the Philippines and my scary mask. 😂 

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Red Wedding Dresses Ideas

I read my palms and it says I am going to get married again. Well, I hope it will be to the same man I married 10 years ago. 

Actually, my husband and I planned on getting married again. The plan is supposedly this year to renew our vows, kinda’ to celebrate our Ruby Wedding anniversary.  He wanted to marry me again and this time it will take place in the USA.

With that in mind, if the said wedding will ever get materialized, which I so hoped, I would love to wear a wedding dress with something red, maroon or burgundy on it, which is quite a contrast to the plain white wedding dress I wore 10 years ago. These three dresses below are my favorites:

The last one is my top bet. I am dreaming of seeing myself walking on the aisle in this sophistacsted lace-detailed wedding dress. I only have to add some red butterflies to it then it is perfect!

A wedding is the most important part of a woman’s life. It happens only once in a lifetime so it has to be special and memorable. And a wedding dress plays a very important role in a wedding because it cloaks the bride as she walks down the aisle to where her groom is anxiously waiting for her. And aside from that, the wedding dress reflects the personality of the bride because it was her who picks the designs, cuts and details of her wedding dress in the first place.

After scavenging online, I got her a collection of red, burgundy, maroon wedding dresses. They are all beautiful that I wish I could wear all of them. Check them out and see if you can find one to your liking!

Which of these dresses is your favorite? Which of these red wedding dresses do you feel like wearing on your wedding day? There are lots of beautiful wedding dresses to choose from and among them there’s got to be one that appeals to you the most, something that suits your taste, something that reflects your personality.

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The Blue-Dyed Orchids

Growing orchids, among so many other things, was one my favorite outdoor pastimes. I do not have a green thumb like my mother does but I took my chances with Ordhids because I like the said flowers very much. And with diligence and perseverance, my orchids endured, managed to grow and blossomed into beautiful and colorful blooms.

I did not do gardening in general because I am not good with it. Simply planting orchids was the only gardening activity I used to do. I liked it because I got to sweat (with watering 😂), I got to be productive (when the orchids bloom) and I  got to be close to nature too (stepping on the garden).

I once had a “suki”, an elder woman who used to deliver orchids to my house that were ready to be planted. She used to visit me monthly with her orchids deliveries of different kinds, sizes and colors.  Plus, she used to bring me trunks of trees (20PHP each) that I can use in planting the orchids. Not only that, she used to offer me her free service too by helping me tie or plant the orchids up the trunks. She was sweet!

The “banda” orchid or the most common one, the white ones that are planted on pots cost php100 per pot while the rest cost php250.00 per stem. I do not know how much they cost right now and where could I find that “suki” again. I love Orchids big time aside from Lilies! They are beautiful, exquisite, luxurious and useful ornaments for big events and special occasions.

At present, in Kuwait, I saw this breathtaking orchids with royal blue tint and a little bit of purple. I was amazed because it was the very first time that I saw an orchid with that combination of colors. Never in the world had I seen one before, only in Kuwait, just on that day.

Those blue orchids came in a big crown flower arrangement and was used as decoration to welcome visitors who came to see and visit the newborn baby boy, my female boss’ nephew. We were visitors. I really was too thrilled to see a new kind of orchids that I sneaked and picked one stem, took a picture of it and studied it. How come I did not see nor encountered something like that in the Philippines?

Curioused, I did my search.  And I found out it was simply dyed to match the occasion with blue or royal blue from the original “white and purple” or the “violet or full lilac” orchids. That’s why I didn’t see something like that in the Philippines. 😃

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Notable Characters of the Game of Thrones

Seven Kingdoms, One King. What does it take to win, to preserve, and to take back the throne?

The Game of Thrones is packed with awesome actors and actresses portraying the roles of the different characters in this action, suspense and fantasy series. Here are, for me, the  most notable characters in this series so far as of season 1.

Eddard “Ned” Stark – Lord of Winterfell, Lord Paramount of the North, Warden of the North, Hand of the King(to Robert I and Joffrey I), Lord Regent of the Seven Kingdoms (for Joffrey I), Protector of the Realm (forJoffrey I).

I easily admired this character for his integrity. A real noble, a man of great honor!  He balanced power and truth in governing his family and the land of Winterfell in general and all that he was responsible for. He was my perfect King and I really looked forward to see him seated on the Iron Throne, which he so deserved.

Khal Drogo, The Great Khal of Dothraki, Chieftain of a Dothraki Khalasar (tribe), Legendary Warlord.

Yes, I am into big men so Drogo easily captured my pair of fancy. He may looked like a beast on the outside but was tamed by a delicate yet determined woman. And for that instance, his wife Daenerys.

Jon Snow, known as “Lord Stark’s Bastard” or “The Bastard of Winterfell”, Born as Aegon Targaryen, Lord Snow, King Crow, The Prince That Was Promised, The White Wolf.

I find this character charming yet mysterious. There was more to him that’s yet to be unleashed. He had his, assumed-to-be-father, Ned Stark’s integrity and ability to lead or rule but were all hidden in his cold and reserved demeanor.

Another Stark that charmed me was Brandon Stark, “The Crippled”, Lord Eddard Stark’s son. This little boy was of some importance in this series. Well, yeah, he witnessed the Lannister twins, one of which is the Queen, in the heat of their incestiousness, which caused him to be thrown off the tower and left him crippled. Yes, this boy was very important!

I have a so-so feeling for the Catelyn Tully, Lady Stark or Lord Stark’s wife. I didn’t like her distaste on Jon Snow but she wasn’t really to blame. Seeing your husband bringing home a kid whom you believed to be from another woman after years of being away, in the battlefield, yes you will be cold and spiteful.

Tyrion Lannister, also known as The Imp, The Halfman, The Little Lion, The Demon Monkey, The Dwarf of Casterly Rock, The Youngest Lannister

I just cannot hate this character, instead, I admire his wit and intellect. He sure had a huge brain for a small man. He has integrity in him too, which he often disguised with his carefree and laid back behavior. I easily sensed as of Season 1, Episode 1 that he was one of the good guys in this series, different from his cruel and ruthless older brother and sister.

Cersei Lannister – Queen of the Seven Kingdoms, Cersei of the House Lannister, the First of Her Name, Cersei the Lioness, The Mother of Madness.

A mad queen who had an incestuous affair with her twin brother.  She was a total bitch of a queen, treacherous and often make use of her power but I symphatized her for having a long unhappy life as a wife to a King who was still attached to the ghost of his previous betrothed.

Daenerys Targaryen – also known as Queen of the Andals, the Rhoynar, and the First Men, Protector of the Seven Kingdoms (claimant), Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Daenerys of the House Targaryen, the First of Her Name, Daenerys Stormborn, Dany, The Unburnt, The Breaker of Chains, The Mother of Dragons, Mhysa, The Queen Across the Sea, The Silver Queen, The Dragon Queen, The Princess That Was Promised, The Dragon’s Daughter.

I love this character big time! She has exotic yet delicate beauty that concealed strength and determination. She is just so perfect for this role, small woman but very powerful, the Mother of Dragons, indeed!

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